If Sabio could tell its story…

Simplicity, quality and care go hand in hand since forever, a beautiful love story that results in satisfaction, loyalty and brand appreciation. My story is similar to yours, did you know this? I was born out of love and passion, had my creators look out for me and teach me new things every day, show me what is right and what to avoid in order to be healthy and successful one day. You might ask yourself “But how is this possible? You are a cosmetics brand!”

Well, I am, but the values that I believe in are similar to yours, little human. I care about the environment, about the health of all my little humans that use me, about beautiful Mother Nature and I am obsessively in love with my home country, Romania, that I cherish and represent proudly every day.

The things that I am most grateful about, looking back at my 8 years of existence, is everything I have learned. I am aware of the harm that chemical ingredients such as parabens, additives, solvents, paraffin, artificial perfumes and dyes can do to my little humans that use me daily. My creators are very strict when it comes to respecting quality and hygiene standards, they never make exceptions, but in the same time, they taught me to be innovative, creative and always strive to be even better than the previous day.

All the products that I propose to my little humans are 100% natural, each one of them being unique as everything is done and poured by hand, with every single label applied manually. I am available all throughout Romania, with distributors that care about me and showcase me with appreciation to the world. And I am so proud to be on each one of their shelves.

Because what makes me special is not only represented by the 400+ range of natural products that I have, but the relationship I have built over the years with my little humans. A relationship based on hard work, trust and transparency. A fun relationship. And this is the virtue I cherish most.

povestea sabio

The Sabio story is my Story too. My name is Aura. I have a successful career in a different and very competitive field, but my first and eternal passion is chemistry. One fine morning I woke up with the clear intention of preparing some natural cosmetics. It was a very intense feeling. Almost tangible.

Experimenting, I began to feel how combining the properties of vegetal oils and butters with exotic flavors and substances with special properties, generate more than a sense of well being. These carefully combined blends can change not only the state of the body, but also the inner state. Often, they have the quality that they make you feel really good with yourself, transforming you. I believe that anyone can experiment this alchemy, starting with things at hand, near-trivial things, such as soap, body oil or a bath salt.

The recipes were born from my own searches and from a certain person and professional exigency. Many times I have felt that me and my family need and deserve something else when it comes to body care. That something to offer us both the satisfaction of a specific need, such as hydration, but also a more subtle feeling – the feeling that we are using a living product.

If the idea came from the need and the desire to experience personally a certain feeling, the reaction of those around me encouraged me to share these experiences with those who seek the same thing. This is how Sabio Cosmetics was born. The purpose of this company is to manufacture natural cosmetics that will bring you back into you own skin, in a way that is both natural and subtle. In fact, the Sabio story is harmoniously intertwined with my own life.

About the name chosen for this wonderful project, I have often been appreciated for the harmonious combination between soap and bio … I’m letting you in on a little secret: the name Sabio comes, in fact, from the joining of two names: Sabina and Ioana. These are the name of my two daughters, who believed in this project from the beginning and who, with innocence, give me the daily energy to carry on!

The concern for a healthy lifestyle was always a priority for me and, subsequently, for the team that I have developed. The in-depth studies in chemistry, which underpin my academic training, helped me to understand the real impact that personal care products have on human health and, implicitly, on the environment. The main competitive advantage of the Sabio products lays in the actual care for natural quality ingredients, innovative recipes and the variety and complexity of our product range.

We only use 100% natural, bioactive ingredients, some of which are rare and organic. We carefully select, from the most reliable and renewable sources, raw materials such as vegetal oils and butters, precious active substances, plant and fruit extracts, seeds, beeswax, natural emulsifiers, plants and flowers, Himalayan salt, salt from the Dead Sea, natural surfactants, marine minerals and clays, microbiologically pure essential oils and cosmetic vitamins. For their purchase, we access the European market (countries such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain) and of course we strive to find suppliers in Romania, as much as possible.

We manufacture in small batches, well controlled, through slow processes and at moderate temperatures, to keep intact the active properties of the ingredients used.

Sabio is the trademark registered in Romania even since January 25th, 2015, according to Trademark Certificate no. 137356 issued by OSIM and at European level as of January 25th, 2017, according to Trademark Certificate no. 012637138 issued by EUIPO.

Over time, the Sabio team has grown, and the product portfolio has grown accordingly. We have a diversified range of products, covering a large part of the personal care palette, for face, body, hair, spa, baby and natural remedies.
The manufacturing process of Sabio products is entirely by hand, hence the uniqueness of each product, which benefits from all our attention and passion, so that the person buying it receives, along with it, some of the energy and warmth of the hands that gave life to the product.

The products are marketed through our own online store and we are permanently interested in the development of our distribution network. Over time, we have concluded product supply contracts with recognized retailers, including large chains of stores (Mega Image, Kaufland, Auchan), pharmacies (Farmacia Tei, Bebetei) and naturalistic stores (Miobio, Remediavert, Naturaland), but also with professionals in the field of personal care. We also deliver Sabio products to the European market, in countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, etc.

Always considering the suggestions of our customers, we have products in progress of research and development and we manage, every 3-4 months, to launch new products.

If you wish to experiment a new approach to step deeper into the fascinating world of aromas and pampering … the Sabio story can become your Story too.

We are a small “family” of enthusiastic, cheerful, ambitious and with a great love of nature and of our fellowship, a handful of passionate people, with confidence and conviction, constantly fighting to make our dreams grow wings and fly.

Each one of us came with the best skill and whatever best we had: some with the skill of combining plant extracts and essential oils and many other goodies of nature, with the warmth and prowess of the palms, in shaping cosmetic jewelry, others have “armed” themselves with paper, pen and countless ideas, others with strategies and, just like that … the synergy created between us became alive, intense, leading us in the same direction, that of thinking and giving life to our products.

Being passionate about what we do, we have always sought to go beyond our limits and think outside the ordinary contexts, creating things, as simple and important, by their quality, in our daily lives.

We started from the conviction that in order to change the world, we first need to change our own attitudes and habits, starting with ourselves. The one who has always been an inspiration to us, step by step, has been mother-nature, through its diversity, generosity, beauty and balance. It represents our determination to honor our promises to the planet and to life and, implicitly, to Sabio’s friends.

Respect for nature and the permanent desire to protect it have always been hand in hand with the orientation to find effective solutions to the overconsumption nowadays and the lightness with which we purchase chemicals, without any affinity to our delicate skin, moreover, extremely harmful to our entire body.

echipa sabio

Sabio Cosmetics was born out of an inner necessity. Our passion for chemistry, but also for a natural, healthy and balanced lifestyle, led to the formation of the first nucleus of Sabio. We create the recipes and the product portfolio, we manage the production, we keep in order all the records of the company, take care of the authorization part of the activity and of the product tests, as well as of all the other legal and business aspects of the company.
The Sabio story has its roots firmly rooted in values such as family, partnership, caring for others, integrity. All of this is a way of life for us, and Sabio comes to achieve this balance and bring him a precious plus-value.

Through what we do every day, we build, step by step, what becomes the Sabio Universe, in which we want each of Sabio’s friends to find and explore, together with us, the gifts of nature and their own, inner and outer beauty.

Our role is to develop around Sabio a true community of people concerned about their health, their looks and about how they feel. Our concern is that every person who comes into contact with Sabio products feels that the Sabio Promise to permanently deliver a living emotion is valid for each individual.

The Sabio team has devoted time, energy and passion so as to give you a lively emotion whenever you use the fruit of our hands. Sabio’s friends say I succeeded, because Sabio products are genuine, original, efficient, attractive and suitable for everyday use and for the whole family. They offer you pampering and joy, thanks to the fact that they contain everything that nature has best: we have created harmonious combinations of rare, 100% natural and bioactive ingredients. All stages of creation are handmade.

Moreover, Sabio products are “soul made” because, in addition to the precious natural tones, you find in every product a spark of human soul.

Our persistence in quality and respect for natural balance were the engine that started us every time!

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100% natural means respect for life. At Sabio, we use 100% natural, bioactive ingredients from the most secure sources,
free of surfactants, parabens, additives, solvents, paraffines, flavorings, artificial dyes or other synthesis chemical
products. We get informed, we test, we permanently search what nature has to offer best. Even if Sabio products are 100%
natural, most of them contain essential oils and other activating ingredients, and this is why we insistently recommend
a test before using each product, in the bend of the elbow and to keep them out of the reach of children.

In our continuous efforts to develop and improve the quality of our products and services, the manufacturing procedure
of Sabio cosmetic products was certified according to ISO 22716 (GMP) by an independent international certification
organism. This certificate can be viewed in Legal


Nature pairs with science. A simple definition for a bioactive ingredient would be: a substance that has a revitalizing
and beneficial effect on living tissues. Nature has unique gifts, impossible to reproduce in the laboratory. However,
what we do in the Sabio laboratory is to maximize the beneficial effects of the ingredients, by amplifying the synergy
between them. We know which combinations are most appropriate depending on the effect we want to achieve. We know the
optimal parameters to which an ingredient “gives everything it can”. And we also know that a well-made product is more
than the sum of its ingredients. How do we know? From the lab. Of the nature laboratory, but also of the one of

Bioactiv is the registered trademark of Sabio. 

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All Sabio products are the result of our hands! The creation process is Handmade, each product is unique. Sabio products
are made with all our attention and passion. If man sanctifies the place, we strongly believe that the same thing
happens with handmade products.

The “48 hours” Sabio Cosmetics policy means that from the moment you have chosen your favorite products, within 48 hours
at most, we manufacture and send them to you.

An important mention has to be made: orders received during the day will be processed the next day, and orders issued
during the weekend are processed starting with the morning of the following Monday.



Registered headquarters: 66 Aviatorilor Blvd, flat 2, District 1, Bucharest
Working point: 180 K Șos. București-Ploiești, District 1, Bucharest

Trade Register Number: J40/12026/2012
Sole Registration Number RO30798770
Bank account: RO32BACX0000000817724000
Bank: Unicredit Bank / Charles de Gaulle